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California State University Fullerton
Department of Child and Adolescent Studies

Kristi KanelKristi Kanel

Full Professor
Office: EC-476
Phone: (657) 278-2644
Email: kkanel@fullerton.edu


HUSR 201, HUSR 380, HUSR 396/L, HUSR 410, HUSR 465, HUSR 480, HUSR 490 and HUSR 495/L

Research Interests

Crisis Intervention theory and skill building for crisis workers
The effects of crisis work on helpers
Mental health needs and services for latinos
Counselor preparation

Current project

outreach to high school students, guiding those interested in the helping professions to an appropriate college major

Degrees Earned

Ph.D in Counseling Psychology, USC
M.S. in Counseling, CSUF
B. S. in Human Services, CSUF

Work Experiences

CSUF - 26 years
LMFT in private practice for 26 years
Health Group Psychological Services as a doctoral intern for 1 year
LMFT for Friendly Hills Medical Group (Major HMO) for 5 years
Clinical Supervisor at a Battered Women’s Shelter for 6 months
Mental Health Specialist at Orange County Mental Health for 4 years
Anaheim Free Clinic for 3 years as an intern and as counseling services coordinator


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