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California State University Fullerton
Department of Child and Adolescent Studies

Fieldwork Instructions


All prerequisites must be completed prior to enrolling in fieldwork courses.

  • HUSR-201 Introduction to Human Services AND
  • * HUSR-380 Theories and Techniques of Counseling
    * HUSR-310 Case Management


Each fieldwork seminar is a two-unit course with a co-requisite of the corresponding one-unit of fieldwork. Students may enroll in only one fieldwork course per semester. The seminar course and fieldwork must be taken concurrently. Enrollment in more than 1 such course in a single semester is not permitted.

Fieldwork courses must be completed in the following sequence:

  • HUSR-396, 2 units, with HUSR-396L, 1 unit
  • HUSR-495, 2 units, with HUSR-495L, 1 unit
  • HUSR-496, 2 units, with HUSR-496L, 1 unit


  • It is strongly recommended that the fieldwork placement for beginning students in HUSR-396 and 396/L should secure a Fieldwork Placement from the current Human Services Fieldwork Program’s Approved Agency Directory.
    • Several copies are available for student use in the Fieldwork Office (EC-479).
  • Students may choose to do two of the three internships at the same agency.
    However, at least one of the three internships must be completed at a different agency.


  • A Petition Form must be filed in order to complete fieldwork hours for HUSR 495 or 496 at any agency that is NOT found listed in the Approved Agency Directory.
  • Check with the Fieldwork Office to verify if your site is approved or not.
  • If your site is not approved, you need to complete a Petition Form with the following information:
    • A carefully constructed explanation of why you believe that your placement in another agency would benefit you in ways an approved agency could not.
    • Agency mission statement or an Agency brochure
    • Intern Supervisor’s Resume
    • Intern Job Description
    • Statement of Copy of general liability insurance coverage (this does not apply if you are interning at a school or college)
  • Turn in a Fieldwork Placement Form with your Completed Petition Form

Petition must be completed and filed with Fieldwork Office four weeks prior to the beginning of the semester.

  • If any of the Petition paperwork is incomplete, the Fieldwork Office will be unable to process the application and the placement may not be considered toward the completion of fieldwork hours. ¬†Contact the Fieldwork Office for further information (657)278-4496.

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