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The Master of Public Health (MPH) degree combines the study of the biological, physical, psychological, economic, and social forces affecting the human condition. The degree’s curriculum seeks to analyze not only the nature and context of public health problems, but also the organizational, behavioral, socio-cultural, and political constraints to ameliorating these problems. Through experiences in and out of the classroom, students develop the habit of intellectual inquiry, prepare for challenging professions, strengthen relationships to their communities and contribute productively to society.


Our purpose is to prepare public health professionals to draw on the knowledge and skills from a variety of disciplines to define, critically assess, evaluate and resolve public health problems. MPH program graduates will have a common educational grounding that enables them to work effectively with the broad spectrum of public health issues that they face during their public health careers.


The mission of the Master in Public Health (MPH) Program  at California State University, Fullerton (CSUF) is to develop knowledgeable, skillful health professionals who are proficient in disseminating and applying knowledge to prevent disease and promote health in the human population. Students of various academic and career backgrounds are brought together to receive advanced education in disease prevention and health promotion topics, with specialized emphasis on multicultural groups, organizations and communities.



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