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Bachelors of Science Advising:

Hello Health Science Majors,

Welcome to the Summer 2018 semester! Our centralized Undergraduate Health Science Advising Center is located in KHS 193 for all your undergraduate HESC advising needs including: general information, permits, TDA exceptions, graduation checks, academic and career advising, etc. Please click the link above to schedule an appointment (please bring a copy of your current TDA when coming in for advisement).

Summer 2018 Advising: (Subject to change) The KHS Student Success Center is located in KHS 193 (657-278-3292). To see an advisor, drop-in or Schedule an appointment.

Office CLOSED: May 21-28, June 27, July 4, and July 12-19
The office is open on the following days, May 29 – August 15:

  • Mondays: 10am-1:30pm
  • Tuesdays: 10am-1:30pm
  • Wednesdays: 10am-1:30pm
  • Thursdays: CLOSED
  • Fridays: CLOSED

Office CLOSED:  August 16-24

Faculty Writing Coach: contact Dr. Chopra.

Peer Mentoring: click here to see website.

Career Services: contact Ms. Liz Munoz.

We (Alysia Ransons, Jackie Blyleven, and Darany Hoang) are your major advisors. Both of us have been Instructors with the Health Science Department for several years and currently teach HESC 220 Concepts in Health Science. We are dedicated to providing quality advisement with the goals of leading Health Science students through a successful college experience and preparation for their future careers. Feel free to drop by our Advising Center (in KHS 193) or e-mail us at HESCadvising@fullerton.edu.

Please note - we advise students NOT to enroll in one section of a course while also placing themselves on the wait list for another section of the same course. Unfortunately the CSUF system will NOT be automatically enroll or swap you into the wait-listed course if enrollment spots are freed up by the instructor. Ideally, you should enroll in the available course you are most interested in taking.

The entire department of Health Science wishes you a wonderful and successful semester!

Thank you,

Alysia A. Ransons & Jackie Blyleven
Undergraduate Advisement Coordinator & Lecturer
Department of Health Science

Masters of Public Health (MPH) Advising:

Prospective students: contact Ms. Jane Gallegos, jagallegos@fullerton.edu.

Current students: contact Dr. Jasmeet Gill, jasmeetgill@fullerton.edu for advising or further assistance.

Graduate Student Success Center: Click here for nfo about the GSSC or go to PLN 365 for academic coaching, tutoring, computers, printers and more.


Department of Public Health

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