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Use a Pedometer with Your Workout

Did you know that it is recommended that each adult take 10,000 steps per day or more to maintain an optimum level of health? A pedometer can help you to reach that goal.

A pedometer is a small devise that is clipped to the waist band and counts the number of steps an individual takes. They are relatively inexpensive and simple to use. Pedometers are a great tool to help reduce health disparities while helping you to reach your fitness goals as well.

When can pedometers be used?
· While walking or running
· During a workout
· While at work
· Anytime

For the six routes around campus, we had two of our interns use a pedometer while walking them and came up with the following number of steps:
(Keep in mind that numbers will vary for different people)

· 2.1 miles 4393 steps (Nikki)
· 1.3 miles 2888 steps (Beatriz)
· 1.2 miles 2800 steps (Nikki)
· 0.9 miles 1905 steps (Beatriz)
· 0.6 miles 1325 steps (Beatriz)
· 0.5 miles 1529 steps (Nikki)

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