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Wellness Resources

Click on the links below to view the specific whole-person wellness resources.

OCASC: Advance Care Planning Materials

CAHCD_ChInese & English


CAHCD_Korean & English

CAHCD_Vietnamese & English


CAHCD_Spanish & English

TCP_Starter Kit_Spanish

The Coversation Project

Things my loved ones need to know

What's New...

Potluck Presentation on Cognition by Dr. Barbara Cherry, CSUF

CSA Word Unscramble Week 1

Heart Healthy Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Eat the Rainbow Flyer

CSA Word Unscramble Week 2

Promoting good sleep

CSA Word Unscramble Week 3

Nutrition Presentation by Kristy Richardson _MyPlate

Random Acts of Kindness Activity

Random Acts of Kindness Client Ideas

Brain Teaser Poster

CSA Word Unscramble Week 4

CSA Word Unscramble Week 5

CSA Word Unscramble Week 6

CSA Word Unscramble Week 7

Volunteer Opportunities

CSA Word Unscramble Week 8

Brain Games Sudoku

Brain game categories


Click here for Whole Grain Recipes


Resources related to Emotional Wellness

Laughter Yoga_CSA


Resources related to Intellectual Wellness

About Brain Fitness_CSA

About Dementias_CSA

Anagrams Brain Fitness Game_CSA

Boggle Brain Fitness Game_CSA

Foods for Brain Health_CSA

Homophone Brain Fitness Game_CSA

Split words Brain Fitness Game

Split words Brain Fitness Answer Key

Stroop Effect Brain Fitness Game_CSA

Word Search Brain Fitness Game_CSA

Resources related to Physical Wellness

Reviews.Com_A Comprehensive Guide designed to help families & older adults find the right medical alert system

10 Myths about older adult falls_CSA_9_2011

Calcium Information_CSA

List of Farmers Markets in Orange County CA

Fiber and Health

Getting Heart Healthy

Healthy Hydration

Home Alert Devices and Programs_CSA

Ice Cream Poster

Ice Cream Social

Leg Cramps Causes and Remedies Handout

Local Retailers for Home Mod_CSA

My Pyramid for Older Adults

Sea Salt vs Table Salt Flyer

6 Foods to Maintain Healthy Sex

Sleep Health_CSA

Sleep Myths_CSA

Updated Dietary Guidelines for Americans

Whole Grains

Resources related to Social Wellness

Social Network Circle Activity_CSA

Stay Connected with the CSA

Resources related to Spiritual Wellness

Meditation Benefits_CSA

Resources related to Vocational Wellness

Cell Phones Usage Tips_CSA

Driving Skills Flyer_CSA

Internet Safety Tips_CSA

Presentation on "Safer Internet Shopping"

Tip Sheet for Safer Internet Shopping

Technology Survey Fall_11

Volunteer Match Info_CSA


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