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Joining the Center

If you are a new participant, you will need to complete and submit the following  materials at least two weeks prior to the start of classes:

  • Health Activity Questionnaire
  • Medical Release Form
  • Consent Form
  • Performance Release Form

Each class requires a specific form, select the class you want to enroll in, from the list below, and print the forms that are under that class.

Balanced Fitness:

This class incorporates and combines the aspects of balance and fitness. All participants will receive a balance assessment as well as a functional fitness assessment to measure their physical status, monitor progress, and individualize the program accordingly. This is a suitable class for older adults beginning to experience balance problems.

FallProof Balance & Mobility Classes:

FallProof™ Balance and Mobility I: This class adopts a multidimensional approach to balance-related problems. Balance and gait assessments are provided using state-of-the art technology in order to determine the most suitable training program. A group-based program (B & M I) is available for individuals identified at moderate risk for falls.  Most suitable for older adults who are experiencing balance problems that would benefit from focused training.  Participants should not be regular users of assistive devices for mobility.

FallProof™ Balance and Mobility II: This class provides individualized training in balance and mobility for persons at high risk for falls. This program adopts a multidimensional approach to addressing balance-related problems.  The class is most suitable for older adults with a history of falls and who regularly use an assistive device or wheelchair for mobility.

FallProof H2O:

FallProof™ H20: This class moves the successful land-based FallProof™ program into the water. The focus in this class is to use the unique properties of water and the pool’s variable speed current to challenge balance and mobility in a confidence-building environment.  Individualized training will be provided in a small group environment.  This class is most suitable for older adults who lack confidence in their balance and/or have chronic joint pain that limits their participation in land-based classes.

Fit 4 Life:

This class provides participants with a functional fitness assessment to measure their physical status, monitor progress, and individualize the program accordingly.  The class includes a group warm-up, individualized strength, aerobic endurance, and balance programming, and a group cool-down, focusing on flexibility and relaxation. This class is most suitable for older adults who are not using assistive devices for mobility.


This class is taught by a yoga instructor specializing in the needs of older adults. It will incorporate both beginning and advanced levels of yoga. Enjoy increasing your flexibility and mindfulness. Yoga mat and socks are required in order to participate in the class.


Mail or fax completed items to:

Center for Successful Aging

800 N. State College Blvd, KHS-011C

Fullerton, CA 92831

Fax: 657-278-1163

Please contact us at 657-278-7012 or if you have any questions.

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