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Research In-Progress

Stay Well At Home Study

Principle Investigators: Dr. Rose

Stay Well At Home is a research study that will evaluate whether an in-home program designed to address factors that increase risk for falls is an effective way to improve the overall health and wellbeing of older adults. The research team is lead by Debra J. Rose, PhD – Department of Kinesiology, and the co-investigators are Dr. Kathleen Wilson and Ms. Elizabeth White, both of the Department of Kinesiology.

The study will examine whether this in-home program will result in significant improvements in physical and psychological health for both the program recipient and program facilitator. While previous research has demonstrated the benefits of different types of programs designed to reduce a person’s fall risk, very few have been conducted in the home or have been led by a person of a similar age who has no previous clinical training. 

 The six-month intervention includes: (1) home visits, (2) a DVD-based progressive home exercise program, (3) discussion of topics relevant to reducing fall risk, (4) home assessment, and (4) follow-up telephone visits.

For more information on the study, or volunteering as a program recipient or program facilitator, please contact us by telephone at (657) 278-4202, or by e-mail at csawellness@fullerton.edu.


Heart Rate Variability Study

Principle Investigators: Dr. Rubin / Dr. Rose

The purpose of this study is to evaluate heart rate variability at rest and heart rate recovery response time following submaximal exercise (riding a bike) and to compare the responses between older adults who have been consistently engaged in a structured physical activity program and those who have not been involved in structured programs.  A total of 40 older adults (ages 60 and over) of either gender are recruited to participate in this study. Participants will complete two visits.

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