The Curriculum


The Curriculum consists of 63 units. Students go at their own pace and graduate from the program in three to five years. All students meet with their advisors throughout the program and can make adjustments to their study plan as needed.


COUN 500 The Counseling Profession  
COUN 511 Pre-Practicum (basic counseling skills)
COUN 518 Human Development & Functioning  
COUN 502 Career Counseling

COUN 520 Modes of Individual Counseling  
COUN 522 Techniques of Brief Treatment & Assessment
COUN 523 Counseling & Culture
COUN 524 Child & Adolescent Counseling

COUN 525 Psychopharmacology
COUN 526 Professional Ethics & Legal Issues in Counseling
COUN 527 Systems of Family Counseling
COUN 528 Groups: Process and Practice

COUN 535 Addictions
COUN 562 Couples Counseling
COUN 530 Beginning Practicum (fieldwork in a community agency)  
COUN 521 Research in Counseling (first half of the final research project)

COUN 538 Crisis Intervention & Trauma Treatment
COUN 560 Appraisal in Counseling
COUN 590 Advanced Counseling Techniques
COUN 584 Advanced Practicum
COUN 597 Final Project (second half of the final research project)


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Prospective students may request particular syllabi upon request. Please email the Department Chair, Leah Brew at