The Curriculum


The Curriculum comprises 63 units. Full-time students  typically take four courses during the Fall and Spring semesters, and one or two Summer courses. Part-time students typically take two to three courses during Fall and Spring semesters and one course in the Summer.  In the second semester students who have met all pre-requisite requirements and have completed at least 6 units are eligible for Classified Standing.


COUN 500 The Counseling Profession  
COUN 511 Pre-Practicum (basic counseling skills)
COUN 518 Human Development & Functioning  
COUN 502 Career Counseling

COUN 520 Modes of Individual Counseling  
COUN 522 Techniques of Brief Treatment & Assessment
COUN 523 Counseling & Culture
COUN 524 Child & Adolescent Counseling

COUN 525 Psychopharmacology
COUN 526 Professional Ethics & Legal Issues in Counseling
COUN 527 Systems of Family Counseling
COUN 528 Groups: Process and Practice

COUN 535 Addictions
COUN 562 Couples Counseling
COUN 530 Beginning Practicum (fieldwork in a community agency)  
COUN 521 Research in Counseling (first half of the final research project)

COUN 538 Crisis Intervention & Trauma Treatment
COUN 560 Appraisal in Counseling
COUN 590 Advanced Counseling Techniques
COUN 584 Advanced Practicum
COUN 597 Final Project (second half of the final research project)