Ánimo: Latinx Counseling Association



Counseling Graduate Students, with the help of Dra. Mejía as Faculty Advisor created Ánimo: Latinx Counseling Association after noticing the need to connect students with one another and the need to create a space for our Ánimo students within the counseling department. Our goals include providing academic support, professional development, as well as helping facilitate social and emotional connections with one another. We hope to develop opportunities for students to become involved in outreach and advocacy efforts within our community and within our department. Lastly, we hope to create strong networking and support systems that Ánimo students may rely on throughout the program and after graduation. The members of the organization hope to serve Ánimo students and students interested in working with Latinx clients.

The organization and Dra. Mejía want to note that Ánimo itself is not only for Latinx students. The Ánimo emphasis is for any student who is interested in working with Latinx clients, are working to be self-aware, and are culturally responsive.



Our events will also be promoted on our social media platforms and through email. Interested students please check your email and our social media pages on Instagram and Facebook regularly. While most of our events will be public, we will note events limited to only Ánimo students on our flyers, descriptions, and posts.


Questions, comments:

Students who have questions or comments can contact us via email or social media:

  • Students can reach us via email at: animocounselingassociation@gmail.com
  • Students can reach us via social media: csuf_animo on Instagram or by searching CSUF Ánimo: Latinx Counseling Association on Facebook
  • We want to note that our Instagram is public and open to any students (regardless of Ánimo affiliation), staff, and community members. Our Facebook page is kept private in an effort to hold space and create safety for our Ánimo students.