Practicum (Fieldwork) Forms


All students in their Introductory Practicum and Advanced Practicum will be required to complete site forms. These forms are critical to the student’s successful completion of their practicum hours. All forms will be provided by your Practicum Instructor prior to or on the first day of class (usually on Titanium). These are the common forms you will need to provide your Practicum Supervisor (complete together) and then ultimately submit to your Lecture Instructor:

  • Individualized Learning Plan
  • Standards of Ethical Conduct
  • Supervisor Evaluation
  • Time log
  • Practicum Information form
  • Introduction Letter for Supervisor

Once you receive these forms from your Practicum Instructor you are responsible for the completion and submission of the forms and there may be other forms that are specifically required by your Practicum Instructor so make sure that you complete all the forms and submit them by the due dates as these forms are required and may have points associated with them.

Information about Practicum (Fieldwork) Forms PDF File Opens in new window



Find below the current list of possible sites that offer virtual/remote options. The student should contact the specific sites and inquire about the options the site has for undergraduate Child and Adolescent Studies majors/minors.


Letter Explaining Practicum Requirements

Find below a letter that can be given to prospective sites that explains what a CAS student is required to do at a site and details about the academic expectations. There is also a contact person listed on the letter.