Jason Baker, Ph.D.

Jason Baker, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Office: EC584
Telephone:  (657) 278-7966
Email:   jbaker@fullerton.edu

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Courses Taught

CAS 301—Inquiry & Methodology in Development  
CAS 310 – Assessing & Observing Development
CAS 340 – Parenting in the 21st Century  
CAS 490T – Senior Seminar in Developmental & Behavioral Disorders


Dr. Baker received his undergraduate degree from UCLA and worked for several years in the behavioral treatment of autism before obtaining his doctorate in psychology from Penn State (major: clinical, minor: developmental).  He performed his clinical internship at the UCLA Semel Institute with a concentration on the assessment and treatment of children, adolescents, and families. His first postdoctoral position was at the University of South Florida Family Study Center, where he studied coparenting and family systems. Dr. Baker was then supported by two consecutive postdoctoral fellowships from the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, centered at the University of Miami and the University of Wisconsin-Madison; each of these focused on the study of parenting in the context of child developmental risk or disability. Dr. Baker is a Co-Founder and Co-Director of the Cal State Fullerton Center for Autism.

Research Areas

Dr. Baker’s interests focus on biological and environmental contributions to the development of children with developmental risk and/or disability. Populations of interest include but are not limited to autism, intellectual disability, and fetal alcohol spectrum disorders. Dr. Baker is interested in how child (e.g., arousal regulation, neuropsychological factors, developmental challenges) and family factors predict individual differences in child outcomes and how these factors might promote resilience in vulnerable children and families.  Related interests include parenting, family systems, and the socialization of child emotion.

Students interested in working with Dr. Baker can visit:http://autismcenter.fullerton.edu/AppliedDevelopmentalCore/Student/assistantships.htm

Families interested in participating in research can visit:http://autismcenter.fullerton.edu/AppliedDevelopmentalCore/Research/current.htm