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California State University Fullerton
Department of Child and Adolescent Studies

Steps to Selecting a Practicum (Fieldwork) site for your course

Download Steps to Selecting a Practicum (Fieldwork) site for your course Guide here (PDF)

  1. Attend a Mandatory Fieldwork Information Session (FIS)

    1-2 semester prior to first practicum class

    You need not attend again for your second practicum. Proof of FIS attendance will be required by your practicum instructor when class begins.

  2. Complete all Practicum prerequisite courses: http://hhd.fullerton.edu/cas/Practicum/documents/PDF1_Prerequisites.pdf

    Min 1 semester prior to first practicum class

    Prerequisites must be completed in advance of registering for the Introductory Practicum – concurrent enrollment is not allowed. It is recommended you take your Introductory Practicum with CAS 325A.

  3. Enroll in your practicum course

    Introductory-CAS 394/394L. Advanced Practicum-CAS 454, 464, 474, 494 plus lab. Enroll according to your option. See:  http://hhd.fullerton.edu/cas/Practicum/Registration.htm

    for detailed information about each practicum course requirement.

  4. Prepare your resume, cover letter and have them reviewed by the Career Center pens in new window

    Min 1 semester prior to first practicum class

    This should be done prior to contacting practicum sites so you can incorporate the feedback and send out the best e-mails and applications. You may want to use the resume you completed in CAS 300 as a starting point.

  5. Apply to a minimum of 5-8 Practicum sites:

    6 weeks prior to beginning semester

    Parameters for suitable practicum positions:

    • Must work directly with children/clients for most of your hours—approximately 75-80% of the total time
    • Minimum of 60 total hours-approximately 4-5 hours per week (more hours are encouraged)
    • Must be completed on a regular basis (weekly)
    • Only hours completed during the semester are counted
    • If Pre-Practicum hours (e.g. mandatory training) are required it is up to you if you want to complete for site
    • Weekly face to face supervision hours (1hr/wk) are a required part of the total 60 hours

      There are several options to finding and securing a practicum site:

      Option 1 - Titan Connection: Pre-approved practicum opportunities

      1. Visit www.fullerton.edu/career

      2. Click on Students > Jobs & Internships

      3. Click on View Jobs & Internships on Titan Connection

      4. Login using your campus portal (fill out survey if first time logging in)

      5. In the left menu, click the Jobs and then click Search Jobs & Internships

      6. Click Position Type and select Intern (academic/for college-credit)

      7. Enter relevant Keywords (eg. child, teaching, counseling…) and click Search

      8. Click on position titles to review and apply

      Option 2 - Public schools (under districts): If you wish to do you practicum at a public school it MUST BE part of a school district approved by CICE.

      1. Go to https://fullerton.edu/cice/students/internships.php

      2. Under Internship Resources click Approved School Districts

      3. Verify your district is approved

      If you do not see you district contact CICE. We cannot guarantee new districts will be approved. Once you secure an internship at a school complete and submit a New School Form.

      Note: You must complete a new school form for each practicum even if you are using the same school/teacher.

      Option 3 – Use of Employment: If you already work directly with children for 75-80% of your current work duties you may be able to use your employment. You must email your course instructor (call the CAS Department @657-278-8458 to obtain a faculty e-mail) to request this and make a case for why you should be allowed to. Things faculty consider are:

      1. How is your current job going to take you to a higher level of learning?

      2. Does your employer want to host/supervise you?

      3. What you will be designating as your 60 hour practicum?

      4. Is your job a new position and experience?

      5. Is your employer registered on CICE?

      6. You have reason stemming from a disability for requesting to use your work.

      If your instructor responds allowing this, follow the directions in Option 5 to have your site register your practicum. Contact chadfieldwork@fullerton.edu or stop by the CICE office in LH206 if your site will not register to find out an alternative process. Do this early so that you have your employment site approved and ready for use when the semester begins.

      Option 4 – Short-term Study Abroad: You may complete your Practicum requirements abroad in our short-term Study Abroad opportunities: http://hhd.fullerton.edu/cas/International/intloppt.htm

      Option 5 – Find Your Own: If you secure an internship outside of Titan Connection:

      1. Go to https://fullerton.edu/cice/students

      2. Select My Academic Internship Site Isn’t Registered on the left of the screen

      3. Complete the online request form

      An email with instructions will be sent to your site supervisor. It is your duty to ensure their site is approved in a timely manner. Contact CICE to confirm approval. Please allow 1 - 3 weeks to finalize your site registration approval. Twenty-four hours after your site has been approved you proceed to Step 6.

6. Complete CICE Registration (IMPORTANT). You cannot begin your hours at the Practicum site if you have not completed the CICE Registration and any hours completed prior will not be considered for credit/part of the required practicum hours. Complete the registration here: https://apps.fullerton.edu/cice/

      Contact CICE on (657) 278-3746 if you need assistance

7. Log in to your Titanium course prior to the first day of the semester to view the course requirements and required forms for your Practicum course. All course requirements will be listed on the instructor’s syllabus. You must pass the lecture course with a “C” or better, earn a Satisfactory or higher in your Practicum Final Evaluation as well as complete a minimum of 60 hours to earn a “Credit” for the lecture/lab. If you do not pass the lecture or do not complete the 60 hours (lab) you will need to retake BOTH the lecture and lab courses (and complete a new set of 60 hours).











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