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Practicum (Fieldwork) FAQ

Download Practicum (Fieldwork) FAQ here (PDF)

Current/Prospective 394 Students:

Do I need to have a practicum site before I can enroll in the class?
No, you may enroll in the practicum course as soon as you have met the prerequisites and you may attend a mandatory Fieldwork Information session (FIS) up to 1 year prior to attending the first day of the class. Prior to starting the semester you must have a site, start date and a supervisor.

Do I need to attend a Fieldwork Information Session (FIS) or view on-line before I can enroll in the class?
No, you can enroll in the practicum course but you will need to have proof of attending a Fieldwork Information Session (FIS) prior to the first day of the class.  The earlier you attend a FIS the more likely you are to get accepted into the site of your choice.

I registered for the lecture part of CAS 394 but I could not find a matching CAS 394L lab part, can I register for a different section?
No, you must register/enroll in a lecture section that matches/corresponds to the lab section (the section number is typically a two-digit number, i.e. 01, 04, 08, etc.). Contact the CAS Department in EC 503 if you are not able to register for the corresponding section number and only the lecture or the lab is open.

Are there are any prerequisites required to enroll in the 394/394L Practicum class?
Yes, the prerequisites are CAS 101 and 201. The recommended sequence requires that you complete CAS 101, 201, 300, & 301.  Ideally take CAS 394 with CAS 325A or 325B in  the correct course order.  Also attend in-person or complete an on-line a Fieldwork Information Session (FIS) prior to the first day of your practicum course.

My prospective site is unsure of hosting students at their site. Is there a form or letter that explains the Practicum course for CHAD majors?
Yes, download the Intro letter for Supervisors from the Forms/Waiver link.  You may share this letter with prospective Practicum sites.

Does every student receive a Community Engagement Medal from the CICE office?
No, there are specific requirements to earn this medal to wear at Commencement.  You will be required to complete additional practicum hours and apply for the medal.  View the requirements and deadlines for the Community Engagement medal on the CICE website.

I am considering a Short-term Study Abroad Practicum, do I have to take a specific practicum course to study abroad?
No, the short-term study abroad practicum can be for either the Introductory or the Advanced practicum.  View the Short-term Study Abroad link on the CAS website to  obtain all the details. However, there is always a designatd sectionfor the International Practicum.

Is it possible to use a prior practicum course or previously earned hours for credit towards the practicum requirement?
Yes, if you completed an Early Childhood Practicum at the Community College with a “C” or better AND you are currently following the ECD option then you may not need to take CAS 394/394L. See a Major Advisor in the CAS Department.


No, for all other options, students are required to take CAS 394/394L and you cannot use any previous practicum course or hours.  You must complete the Introductory and Advanced practicum courses and earn a minimum of 60 hours for each course.

I did not pass my practicum lecture or I did not complete the 60 hours that are required for the lab so will I need to repeat the lecture and lab?
Yes, you must repeat both the lecture and the lab.  You must re-take the entire course and complete a new set of 60 hours.

If my practicum site supervisor completes my final evaluation and issues me a “Below Satisfactory” do I need to retake the course?
Yes, you must repeat both the lecture and the lab.  You must re-take the lecture course and complete a new set of 60 hours. You must earn a “Satisfactory” final evaluation.

Can I do an internship in the summer and take the course in the fall or do an internship in Winter and take the course in the Spring?
No, you must complete both the course lecture and 60 hours lab at the same time in the same semester.  Practicum courses are offered in Summer and are 5 weeks in length which means that students must complete approximately 12-13 hours per week to complete the required 60 hours in Summer.  

What if I receive a Practicum site offer that is ideally what I wanted to accept, but I have already accepted another site’s offer?
Learning is the primary goal of the practicum so challenge yourself to try something new.  It is expected that you be honest and let the site know as soon as possible if you are not able to do your hours at their site.  Contacting them in person and following up with a gracious e-mail thanking them for their time is really important.

What happens if the internship I found through my own research is not currently on CICE or doesn’t get approved by CICE?
You are required to find a site that is approved by and currently on the CICE database.  If you find another site but it does not get approved in advance of you taking the course then you will NOT be able to use that site.  You should discuss the prospective site with CICE as early as possible so that you have the best chance of having the site approved.  If you become employed by the non-registered site then you might be able to use the site once you follow the Use Your Employment Site steps.

Why do I have to have a supervisor observing me at my practicum and why do I have to arrange a weekly supervision meeting?
As a non-employed student at a Practicum Site it is critical to receive supervision to assist in the learning process as well as insure that you are providing appropriate services to the clients/students.  There are also many other liability factors that are related to working with minors. Learning and being supervised is mandatory.

What types of sites can I select to use for the Introductory Practicum?
The Introductory Practicum allows you to select any approved site with infants, children, adolescents or family focused setting. You should utilize this opportunity to try areas that you are not currently familiar with. Explore!

Current/Prospective Advanced Practicum Students (also read the FAQ’s for the Introductory Practicum for general information)

Which Advanced Practicum should I register for?
The Advanced Practicum corresponds to the option you are following. For example, The ECD option you would take CAS 464/464L, the ESS option you would take CAS 474/474L, the AYD option you would take CAS 494/494L and the FCC option you would take CAS 494/494L. There is also a CAS 454/454L-EC/T-K and is appropriate for the ECD or ESS option.  View the Registration-Approval Process link to see the details of what types of sites and supervisors qualify for each option.

Do I need to attend or view on-line the mandatory Fieldwork Information Session (FIS) prior to the Advanced Practicum class?
No, you only need to attend one time.  If you did not attend a FIS prior to your Introductory Practicum then you should attend one prior to the Advanced Practicum.

What if I am following one option but I have made a career shift do I have to take the required Advanced Practicum or can I change?
Yes, you can take any Advanced Practicum that matches your new career focus but you will need to meet with a Major Advisor to have the Advanced practicum you have selected substituted for the one you were required to enroll in.

Can I list my practicum experiences on my resume?
Yes, you can list your practicum/fieldwork experiences on your resume as they are legitimate resume building experiences.

Questions?  chadfieldwork@fullerton.edu


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