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California State University Fullerton
Department of Child and Adolescent Studies

Fieldwork Information for Faculty

Practicum Course Materials: The following forms should be used  for all practicum labs:

    • CAS Practicum Information

      This is a form that all practicum instructors should have completed by their students early in the semester and copied for the CAS department.  These forms are due to the department by the end of each semester and CAS will forward them to the CICE office.  This form will allow the CICE office to update their data base site details.

    • CAS Lab Class Overview (template)

      This is a sample overview of practicum lab requirements for CAS 474. It would be modified according to the learning goals of the specific practicum course.

    • Learning Plan

      This is the standard form used for students to create individualized learning plans. The supervisor verification requirements should correspond to the particular practicum course.

    • Standards of Ethical Conduct

      Ethical conduct standards are consistent across practicum courses, only the practicum course number should be changed.

    • Time Sheet

      Time sheets may be modified as needed. Activities should be identified for each entry. Supervisors should verify activities using their initials for each entry.

    • Supervisor Evaluation

      This is a standard form used across all Practicum classes.


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