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California State University Fullerton
Department of Child and Adolescent Studies

Academic Worksheets

Students use the academic plans provided below as guides to start and complete all degree requirements for the Bachelor of Science in Child and Adolescent Development. Feel free to download and bring an academic plan to your meeting with one of our CHAD academic advisors.

Please review this form on Steps to Success before proceeding to the option worksheets below.

Early Childhood Development

Pre Fall 2018 Catalog Year - ECD

Fall 2018 Catalog Year - ECD

Fall 2019 Catalog Year - ECD

Elementary School Settings

Pre Fall 2018 Catalog - ESS

Fall 2018 Catalog Year - ESS

Fall 2019 Catalog Year -ESS

Adolescent/ Youth Development

Pre Fall 2018 Catalog Year- A/YD

Fall 2018 Catalog Year - A/YD

Fall 2019 Catalog Year -A/YD

Family and Community Contexts

Pre Fall 2018 Catalog Year- FCC

Fall 2018 Catalog Year - FCC

Fall 2019 Catalog Year - FCC

Minor Forms

Minor Form (09-SP16) (for students following catalog years 2009 - Spring 2016)

Minor Form (FA16) (Catalog Year 2016 to Present)

Adolescent Development Minor Form (Catalog 2016 to Present)


Approved Elective Courses for the CHAD Minor

CAS 250 Intro to Early Childhood Curriculum (3) CAS 341 Working with Parents of Young Children (3)
CAS 305 Advanced Assessment in Early Childhood (3) CAS 345 Development in Diverse Contexts (3)
CAS 306 Health and Safety in Early Childhood (3) CAS 346 Modern Culture and Early Child Development (3)
CAS 310 Assessing and Observing Development (3) CAS 352 Numeracy and Science in Early Childhood (3)
CAS 321 Infant and Toddler Development (3) CAS 353 Learning and Motivation in Early Childhood (3)
CAS 322 Preschool-Age Development (3) CAS 360 Adolescents and the Media (3)
CAS 326 Optimizing Development School Age Children (3) CAS 365 Adolescent Pregnancy and Parenting (3)
CAS 328 Child Life Theory and Practice (3) CAS 380 Adol Sexuality and Intimate Relationships (3)
CAS 330 Adolescence and Early Adulthood (3) CAS 394/L Practicum in Child & Adol Development (3)
CAS 340 Parenting in the 21st Century (3) CAS 490T Topical Senior Seminar in CHAD (3)

In rare occasions, students are approved to substitute other courses for major requirements or to take major courses out of sequence. You can pick up a petition to request an exception in the CAS office (EC 503).

Minors: If you need a petition to get approval for an alternate course from a different department, send an email to chadminor@fullerton.edu or stop by the department office, EC 503 to pick one up.


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