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Master of Science in Athletic Training Application Procedures

ATCAS Apply HereIn general, there are 3 steps for admission into the MSAT program at California State University, Fullerton (please see
Application Procedures PDF for more specific details.

  1. Submit a completed ATCAS application by the deadline(s) listed below, this includes:
    • Submit official transcripts to ATCAS
    • Submit GRE Scores to ATCAS (GRE Code for Cal State Fullerton: 4588)
    • Submit 2 letters of recommendation
    • Complete 120 hours under the supervision of a certified athletic trainer
    • Submit proof of certification in CPR/First Aid for the Professional Rescuer
    • Submit answers to program-specific questions (see below)
  2. Highly regarded applicants will be invited for an on-campus interview in January or February
  3. Applicants that are offered admission will need to complete the Cal State Apply application (a CSU requirement) to accept the offer of admission

There are two deadlines for the Master of Science in Athletic Training (MSAT) program at California State University, Fullerton. Regardless of admission deadline, incomplete applications will not be reviewed until finalized. All applicants must complete the ATCAS application by:

  • Priority Review Deadline – 12/2/2019
    These applicants will be given priority consideration and on-campus interviews may be offered by the MSAT Admissions Committee in January, 2020

  • Regular Admission Deadline – 1/15/2020
    If there is still room available in our incoming cohort, then applicants who apply by the regular admission deadline may be offered an on-campus interview in February, 2020. After January 15th, the MSAT will review submitted applications only if there is still room available in the cohort.


ATCAS Application Recommendations:

  1. It is recommended to apply by the Priority Review Deadline. As a program that admits small cohorts of 10-15 students per year, there is potential that our cohort will become full with our priority review applicants
  2. ATCAS applications are considered complete AFTER transcripts are received and verified. Verification of your transcripts typically takes 1-2 weeks after receiving of transcripts, therefore we recommend requesting your transcripts at least 4-6 weeks before the application deadline
  3. Submit official transcripts electronically directly to ATCAS (download the Transcript Request Form within the ATCAS application and submit to the registrar at each institution you attended)
  4. Most questions related to completing the application can be answered at the ATCAS Help Center
  5. Request two (2) letters of recommendations for your evaluators (please allow several weeks for evaluators to write/submit your letter to ATCAS)
    • 1 letter must be from a Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC) who supervised your clinical observation hours
    • 1 letter must be from a profess/teacher who can describe your academic abilities
      • Note: After submitting contact information for your evaluators, they will electronically submit their letters directly to your ATCAS application.
  6. Submit Graduate Record Exam (GRE) scores directly to ATCAS (GRE Code for Cal State Fullerton: 4588)
    • Note: no minimum score is required but it is recommended to earn scores of 150 or above on Quantitative Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning. A score of 4 or above is recommended for the Analytical Writing section.
  7. We require a minimum of 120 observation hours under the supervision of a certified athletic trainer. ATCAS applicants must indicate the number of hours completed and planned/in-progress, as well as indicate where the hours were completed. While it is always recommended for prospective applicants to document their hours, we do not require a specific form or documentation as part of the ATCAS application
  8. Submit documentation of completed CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer within the "Licenses and Certifications" section of the ATCAS application
  9. Applicants must submit answers to 4 program-specific questions that allow our faculty to have a more holistic view of each applicant beyond grades and GRE scores. Each question below is limited to 2000 characters (approximately 300-400 words):
    • Describe a problem or issue facing the athletic training profession and provide a potential solution
    • Describe your clinical observation experiences (e.g., what did you do) and how those experiences have an impact on your potential career goals within Athletic Training.
    • All graduate programs in Athletic Training are challenging both academically and in delivering quality patient care. Describe how you plan on balancing these two areas within your daily schedule along with any other personal goals or responsibilities you may have while enrolled in the program.
    • In reflecting on some of your more challenging courses during your undergraduate education, describe why those courses were challenging and include your study habits that enabled you to be successful.

Our core faculty are dedicated to taking a holisitc approach in evaluating applicants. Please view our Evaluation Rubric to see how we weight our criteria.

For any additional questions, please contact:
Jason Bennett, DA, ATC
Program Director - Athletic Training Program
California State University, Fullerton
jabennett@fullerton.edu        (657) 278-8540


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