25-35 Study Campaign


By devoting 25 – 35 hours a week studying and engaging in academic enriching activities you can achieve academic success!


Learn ways and strategies to develop academic grit and set and achieve academic goals.

Discover educational resources and meet your educational goals.

Keep a Task Log to plan and organize your day and study time.

Develop a personalized Academic Dominance Sheet to plan and organize your assignments.

Achieve 25 – 35 Study Hours:

  • Read required text before and after class
  • Take notes as you read for class
  • Review and rewrite class notes
  • Work in productive study groups
  • Attend tutoring sessions and Supplemental Instruction
  • Make flashcards and study them
  • Visit your professor’s office hours
  • Attend every class – sit in the front rows
  • Begin studying for a test at least two weeks in advance
  • Schedule visits to the Faculty Writing Coach every semester
  • Strive to finish homework one week before it is due

HHD Study Zone

Study Zone

The Study Zone was designed to give students a safe and comfortale place to study amongst their peers in order to achieve their academic goals.



Know Yourself:
Are you a morning person or a night owl? Pick a time to study that will make you the most productive

Do you have a regular study spot? Find a place that is conducive to studying. If your study environment is free from noise and other distractions you will more successful

Take mental breaks. Study regularly, but also make time to give your brain a quick break. Get up and stretch or take a short walk

Learn How To: