Student Success Team
Student Success Team



The College of Health and Human Development Success Team strives to provide services to help students achieve their academic goals and graduate on time.

We strongly encourage you to visit our college STUDENT SUCCESS CENTERS.  We have a Study Zone room in KHS 193f that supports academic achievement and student success. Our team of Student Ambassadors help to expand student engagement to ensure that every student has access to tools, resources, and guidance needed to have a robust Titan Experience.



We are here to serve you!

Laurie Roades - HHD Dean/Co-Chair HHD SST, Cindy Greenberg - Associate Dean, Kavin Tsang - Associate Dean,

Lillybeth Sasis - Assistant Dean

Mary Lehn-Mooney - Graduation Specialist, Henry Flores - Retention Specialist,

Elisabeth Bobadilla - Career Specialist,

Mia Sevier - Peer Mentor Program Director/HUSR Professor,

Julia Cappelli and Sarah Hamamoto- KNES Advisor/Lecturers, Jackie Blyleven and Alysia Ransons- PUBH Advisor/Lecturers,

Ashley Riley – RN-BSN NURS Advisor, Michelle Schwartz - Pre-Licensure BSN/NURS Advisor,

Lorraine Thornburg - Academic Advisor/HUSR Lecturer, Diana Robles - Fieldwork and Academic Advisor/CAS Lecturer

Reasons to seek out HHD Student Success Team

  • Academic Advisement
  • Graduation Advising
  • Academic Probation Advising
  • Academic Success and Retention Workshops
  • Peer Mentorship
  • Referrals to Campus Resources
  • Career Advisement and Internships
  • Professional Development
  • Writing Assistance and Coaching
  • Graduate School Inquiries

You can find most of our Student Success Team in our HHD Student Success Centers! Here’s more info:

EC-105 Student Success Center
Hours: Monday - Thursday 8:30am – 7:00pm,
Friday 10:00am-2:00pm
Phone: (657) 278-2294

KHS-193 Student Success Center
Hours: Monday - Thursday 9:00am – 5:00pm
Phone: (657) 278-3292

Additional University Partners

Admissions and Records: (657) 278-7601/LH-114
Disability Support Services: (657) 278-3112/UH-101
Student Health Center: (657) 278-2800/SHCC
Student Life & Leadership: 657-248-7622/TSU-234
Title IX: (657) 278-4207/CP-700
Associated Students Incorporated: (657) 278-7739/TSU-218
Counseling & Psychological Services: (657) 278-3040/SHCC
Housing and Residence Life: (657) 278-2168/CRH-101
University Police: (657) 278-2515/UPD
WoMen's & Adult Re-entry Center: (657) 278-3928/UH-205