You are not alone. College students across the country encounter stressful situations and often experience negative feelings regarding their student success. Remember, you are in college to learn and you are not expected to know it all. If you are overwhelmed and need help know that there are resources and staff put in place to help you succeed. Every student is unique in their own way and finding out makes them successful may take time. Here is a list of steps you can follow if you are feeling overwhelmed:

  • Talk to your Professors: professors are happy to help you, they have office hours specifically to meet with students and be helpful – they work for you.  Approach them if you are having difficulty in class, do not wait until it is too late to seek help.
  • Form study groups: each student offers different strengths and working collectively you can help you understand class material thoroughly.
  • Seek out campus resources: seek free tutoring on campus, visit the writing coach, and/or schedule to meet with you major advisor.
  • Meet with YOUR Assistant Dean: She is a great resource to help you navigate a highly complex university.  Seek out a campus referral or learn how to handle a medical emergency, unplanned difficulty or gain a better understanding of academic probation or disqualification. You can recover from a difficult semester and there are plenty resources to help you through.  Accessing information and having a strategic action plan can be important tools for success.

Academic pressures can impact students’ mental health and ability to succeed. Please visit our Student Wellness site and obtain help in adjusting to college life.


Disclaimer: This website is for reference only and it is not meant to substitute for academic, professional or personal advice.