Student Research Corner

Student Research

Justin Elizalde, Kinesiology Major
Under Dr. João Barros in the Motor Behavior Lab
Justin presented his research on the effects of instruction and acquisition of a coincidence timing task at the 2015 Southwest American College of Sports Medicine Conference.

Student Research

Vattana Peong, Graduate Student of Public Health
Under Dr. D’Anna in the Center for Health Equity and Research at CSULB
Vattana presented his research on involving community stakeholders in reducing health disparities among refugee and immigrant communities at a public health conference.


Dr. Bono, research is focused on the external on developmental outcomes in normative and at-risk populations.

 Dr. Espinoza, research focus on how adolescent’s school context perceptions and peer groups shape their psychological and school adjustment.

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Dr.  Horn-Mallers, research focuses on stress, health, and coping across adulthood.

Dr. Sevier, research on understanding and improving treatment of distressed couples.


Dr. Brown, research on limb acceleration and its generic components.

Dr. Wilson, research on parent’s use of social control to encourage physical activity behavior in their children.


Dr. Yang, research focus on global governance of non-communicable diseases.

Dr. Kim, research focus on important environmental health issues at the population level


Dr. McClanahan, research on LVN in schools.

Dr. Quaye, research on Orange County community health SBIRT Program.

Participate in a range of research and scholarly  activities under the guidance of HHD faculty mentors including, but not limited to: conference attendance and presentations, publications, professional development, and summer research.