Hill Rom Bed Donation

Donation Enhances School of Nursing's Simulation Program

Medical equipment manufacturer Hill-Rom donated four state-of-the-art hospital beds to the CSUF Nursing Simulation Center. The beds, valued at over $45,000, will help improve the workplace readiness of nurses entering hospitals, clinics, and transitional care centers throughout Southern California.

Most nursing students first encounter hospital beds in real-life clinical settings.

“Hill-Rom’s donation allows our students to practice the mechanical aspect of hospital beds in a safe environment. They can familiarize themselves with the bed’s features before they enter practice,” said CSUF Nursing Simulation Center Coordinator Barb Doyer.

Simulation training using hospital-grade equipment, like Hill-Rom’s hospital beds, is an integral part of today’s nursing education programs. Nursing students develop technical and cognitive skills through a variety of simulated patient cases — including the high-risk and complex scenarios they will face as licensed nurses — in a safe environment that promotes caring exchanges with patients and peers. Hill-Rom’s hospital beds will help students practice patient transport, comfort, and positioning.

Cal State Fullerton’s Nursing Simulation Center was established in 2007. The Center’s rigorous training has helped propel two CSUF School of Nursing graduate programs into the top tier of U.S. News & World Report’s national rankings: the nurse anesthetist concentration ranks 4th in the country and the women’s health care concentration, which includes an emphasis in midwifery, is No. 20.